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  • Tadig With 3 Toppings

    Crispy rice topped with fesenjon, ghormeh sabzi, gheymeh and saffron.

  • Samosa(5 pieces)

    Fried tortilla bread filled with potatoes, onions, peas and herbs

  • Dolmeh(5 pieces)

    Cooked grape leaves, stuffed with ground beef, rice, tarragon, yellow split peas, chives, basil, parsley, and herbs.

  • Kashk o’ Bademjan

    Fried eggplant mixed with garlic,fried onion and whey.

  • Must o’ Khiyar

    Yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber and mint.

  • Must o’ Mousir

    Yogurt mixed with shallots.

  • Hummus

    Garbanzo beans mixed with tahina, garlic, lemons and olive oil.